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What’s The Point?

It’s a question I ask myself most days and I’m not sure of the answer. There is no clear definition or direction except that it’s me, my point but it’s a point that I would like to see grow into many points, many perspectives. So first off, if you have anything to say, either visually or verbally, please get in touch.

One aim for The Point is difference.

The Point marks a place in time. It was never really planned as something I set out to achieve. It came about almost by accident, the culmination of many years work and it marks a point in my life which proves that with some stubborn determination, you can stick to your principles and live. As Descartes once surmised I am thinking; therefore I am existing.

Despite the age of digital media, I still love the printed page and I have always admired those who have followed punk’s DIY ethic. The independence that this brings can be enlightening especially as a voice; a voice that is not constrained by politics, advertisers or anyone else that has an agenda other than something positive.

Nothing would be as it is without the help and support of my beautiful partner, Caroline, my family, my good friend Clifford and all those that have contributed in some way.
Thanks for reading.

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